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Home Remedies for Migraine: 5 Alternative Therapies for Relief From Migraine Pain Naturally

By Dr. Robert Chalmers Background: According to the National Institute of Health, migraines affect about 10 percent of the global population and in the US about 50 million adults report having experienced a migraine. Women are almost three times more likely be affected by migraines than men. Typical features of migraines include one-sided pain that […]

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Tension-Type Headaches vs Cervicogenic Headaches

According to research, approximately 47% of the population suffer from headaches. It is not uncommon for these headaches to be severe or frequent enough to affect the quality of one’s activities of daily living. Depending on the source or origin, Physical Therapy can often significantly reduce or abolish the pain produced from these headaches. Causes: […]

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